Account: 1 155 580 dd

Loan to pay: 0 dd



Horse Trainer

-Your horses will receive free 1 in every skill in every classes, making you train your horses quickly.

+ 75 000 a year (month)


4. Janurary

You have got 1 Job Booster ticket

You have got 1 horse creation ticket

You have got 300 free to use skill point (VIP)

You have got 50 horseshoes (VIP)

You become VIP


You bought Lavender -10 000

You rescued Salval - 50 000



A horse is waiting for you in reserved sale



You bought feed for Nube - 2 000

Your horse, Bagheroo raised a class!

Your horse, Mylord raised a class!

Orio received 7 free-to-use skill points from account equipment

Aria's Stable received stable upgrade from account equipment

Your horse, Orio is registered in a competition!

Diamond got housing at Aria's Stable

Your horse, Orio raised a class!

Your horse, Nube raised a class!

Your horse, Diamond raised a class!


 Your horse, Orio, placed 2nd in a competition + 100 000 + 2 Horseshoes

Account Equipment

Trail-Treka, White - 1 horse


1 Tack Boost Ticket

1 Job Booster Ticet

300 free to use skillpoint

1 Gender Chance Ticket
1 STAR Bridle Basic

Race Horse Bridle w/ Buckle Reins

1 horse loot crate

1 horse creation ticket


Best player of 2020 - 2 Weeks of VIP

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