Account: 2 838 300 dd

Loan to pay: 2 500 000 dd



You have got 1 Job Booster ticket

You have got 1 horse creation ticket

You have got 300 free to use skill point (VIP)

You have got 50 horseshoes (VIP)

You become VIP


Your horse, Zombie, received +20 skillpoints in each skill (purebred)

Your horse, Halo, received +20 skillpoints in each skill (purebred)


Your job is paying your payment + 125 000


Your horse, Nacho, joined Arabian Breeders

Your horse, July, joined Arabian Breeders

Your horse, June, joined Arabian Breeders

Your horse, Nik Nak, joined Arabian Breeders

Your horse, Dynamic, joined Arabian Breeders

Breezy got you a foal, Nacho - 30 000 dd

Congratulations! Breezy got you twin foals, June and July - 30 000 dd

Breezy got you a foal, Nik Nak - 30 000 dd

Your horse, Conmacne , placed 3rd in 20.November Racing Class S + 50 000 dd + 1 Horseshoes 


Your stallion Chrome became father to Leproda

+ 20 000


-Your horses never need veterinary-services

+125 000 a year (month)


Account Equipment

Valiant, Gold - 3 horses


5 free-to-use skill points

STAR General Purpose Saddle


Best Player of 2020 - 2 Week of VIP


Player with most Purebreed horse - 2 - 1 000 000dd

Player with most dream (1st) - Half or the loan is paid

Team with most purebreed - 300 000

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