Rescue Center

You can Rescue a Horse for a small fee! 

Class D :50 000 (horse ready +10 000)

Class C :70 000 (horse ready +20 000)

Class B :90 000 (horse ready +30 000)

Class A :100 000 (horse ready +40 000)

Class S :120 000 (horse ready +50 000)

horse in rescue : You can't buy that horse

horse in rest : You can't buy that horse

horse in training : You can buy that horse but you can't set him/her as breeder or enter him/her to competition. 1 week later your horse will become healthy!

horse ready : This horse is same as normal horse!

*Companion horse

<You can breed that horse, but can't enter competiton

Returning back

If you return the horse back you will get 50% of the rescue fee.

Remaning Rescue Center

silversong rescue ranch

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