November & December Competitions

A big thank you to our members that were patient while some of us new Webmasters learned how Competitions worked. You weren't forgotten about, and if you registered a horse for a competition toward the end of November you were still rewarded even though the competition ran a little late.

Lets have a big round of applause for our winners!

15.November Dressage - All Class Winners

Orio & Joker placed 2nd in their classes.

Lavender & Edge placed 3rd in their classes.

20.November Racing - All Class Winners

Quentin placed 1st in his class.

Orio placed 2nd in his class.

Conmacne places 3rd in his class.

If for some reason your horse wasn't entered into one of these competitions, that is unfortunate but don't worry. New competitions have been added to the Calendar and are now open for registrations. If by chance you cannot see them on the Calendar, check the Participants & Results page to see the dates.

Happy showing dandies!

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