New update!

Hello, dandyfans.

Today we are updating even more based on your ideas and comments! Thank you all for pointing out mistakes and whishes!

-Breeding left the services sub-navigator and is now a stand-alone main page with its own form. The breeding form includes picking the foals' name!

-The contact form on the contact me -the page is gone, because it didn't get used so much, but you can still contact us via mail if necessary.

-Some small design changes on the member's chat. Unsigned site visitors cannot use the chat anymore, only the members. It is not a huge irritating pop up anymore.

-Two of the background videos was in bad quality, different from the others. They got switched out and are now only cute sights.

-Training page information could quickly become misunderstand, and we dealt with this issue!

-The navigator got a new design, but may be redesign again as well.

Currently working on:

-A way to sell horses to each others

-Removing Competition Classes from all horses

-Making categories in Horse tack and Stable equipment

-Plenty of new horses to buy

Happy gaming!

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