Horse Drawings

Hello, dandyfans!

It's an honor to finally announce the game's creative corner. Our upcoming horses can use your horse drawing!

We will finally be using our shared gallery more. Whenever you have a digital horse drawing, upload this in the shared gallery. Randomly when a new horse is made to the game, we will have a random horse drawing/horse coat selected. The person who gets it's drawing chosen will receive the twin of this horse! The horses will be working like just another regular horse, but they will not have a similar name!

All drawings MUST contain:

-A horse

-A background -Details like buckets, birds etc are welcome

-No humans

-No nametag for the horse or other objects

-An accepted drawing style

It must be a digital drawing, not hand-drawn! If you need a free drawing program, we recommend GIMP!

To compete for a free horse by the shared gallery, these drawings styles are accepted:

Happy gaming!

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