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Christmas Update! (Have a Holly Jolly Day!)

#1 : Hey! Christmas is HERE!

Hey! Can you feel this happy breez?

So we are having a huge sale this Christmas, starting in December 10th and ending in december 31th. The horse that is not selled will be on a special event.

So meet you in the huge sale!

#2 : Giving Away the Shoes

Helllo everyone!

Do you want to buy Rudolph but you don't have horseshoe?

Well problum solved! We are helding a giveaway!

We are going to give 10 horseshoe to the 10 player who comment in here!

#3 : Special Bundle

The Rudolph and the red bundle includes everything in the Special Sale.

The bundle is just 10 horseshoe! So save up the horseshoes!

The offer ends in December 31th

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