horse id

Which are your horse's ancestors?

Find out today!

 To order, fill out form on the market page.

Horses which are made to the game, not breeded,

will have unknown as we dont have the past info about them! 

A pedigree, is the story of your horse. Who is the parents?

For a small amount of fee, you can explore a whole new world!

Upgrade the pedigree step by step, or choose one plan.

Small pedigree - 10 500 dd  - 1 free Horseshoe

(contains 4 generations)

Medium pedigree - 19 000 dd - 2 free Horseshoes

(contains 5 generations)

Large pedigree - 30 000 dd - 3 free Horseshoes

(contains 6 generations)

Wherever you are, you can join our Online Game by registering on the site. Dandy's Stables is happening online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are. For questions or more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.