Dandy's Holiday Advent Calendar

First and foremost, happy holidays!!

Welcome to the Dandy's Holiday Advent Calendar event. This event was created to give our users the opportunity to earn gifts this holiday season just by simply logging in and utilizing our "Let's Chat" feature. It's really that simple! All you have to do to enjoy this event is visit the site at least once a day and each time open the members chat window. There you can tell us the date, send the message and that's all. The prize of the day will be credited to your user profile once we can see the message. 

  • With the event starting on the 13th those that take part on the start date will receive double prizes for the day!

  • Because 12 days have already passed those that join in on the first day will also be credited 12 000 dd. 

  • If you aren't credited right away, don't worry, the webmasters will get to you!

  • Make sure to to check in and chat the date to us each day for a different prize. On the 25th there will be a big Christmas prize, and those that completed every day might get something a little more!

Wherever you are, you can join our Online Game by registering on the site. Dandy's Stables is happening online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are. For questions or more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.