Ready to compete with your best horse?

Remember to

only compete in the qualified class!

In a competition you will compete with your horse. To make sure that your horse have a chance, check the qualifying rules immediatly!


To compete wih your horse or multiple horses, you must fill out the form on this page. We have competitions for all classes. 

Competiton is hard on the horses, and the results will come the day after competitions day. 

In competitions it is a small chance that your horse will perform better or worse than normal. A horse can also completely fail a race, usually because of injuries. If this is the case, then you recieve a small fee which you have  to pay. This is done automaticaly. If you do not have enough money, you may get debt as well. Paying this debt does not go automaticaly!

Horses wins based on skills, and is calculated in excel, and to stand a chance you need good horses!

 Horses under 3 years can not compete! 

In a competition 10 horses will compete against each other. If more than then 10 horses compete we will make multiple races for that competition. 

All classes can participate on the competitons that is set up in the calendar, but remember to write in you horse's class to have a chance to win.

Wherever you are, you can join our Online Game by registering on the site. Dandy's Stables is happening online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are. For questions or more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.