To breed you mare, or put your stallion as a breeder:

Fill out the form to the right!

To put a horse in a breeding team,

please fill out form to the right!

How to get a foal:
Choose a breeder to you're mare.
Instantly get the foal (after accepted request)

Only one foal (breeding) per day!

You can crossbreed horses from different classes!

The parents influence the foals color, breed and skills.

Gender is random

(75/25 Young horse most Colts, Older horse most Fillys)
Its only a possibility to get good quality foals.
Mares can be bred/Stallions ca breed from aged 3 years!

A horse lives for 30 years

The Dandy's Stable's stallion dont breed any quality foals, but you can choose the breed on the stallion!


When you offering beds to mares,the skillpoints raise with the skillpoints the horse have even after putting out breed offers. So if your horse have 20 skill points before putting out offers, you train him to 30, this will automatically fix it self. 

Breeding Form

To make the magic happen, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Breedable Stallions

Dandys Stable Stallion (any breed) - 15 000 dd - Unlimited offers left

Tassilo (Knabstruper)  -  10 000 dd - 10 offers left

Bello (Arabian)   - 20 000 dd - 13 offers left

Ember (Friserian)  - 50 000 dd - 4 offers left

Moonbolt (Icelandic)  - 50 000 dd - 14 offers left

Moonay (Camargue) - 5 000 dd - 10 offers left

Topanga (Lusitano) - 25 000 dd - 15 offers left

Chrome (Barockpinto) - 20 000 dd - 17 offers left

Quentin (Thoroughbred) -  10 000 dd - 16 offers left

Orio (Gypsy Vanner) -  10 000 dd - 4 offers left

Edelweiss (Hanoverian) -  30 000 dd - 15 offers left

Conmacne (Yakutian) -  50 000 dd - 30 offers left

Alutra Rising (Shire) - 20 000 dd - 19 offers left

Reserved Covering

None yet!

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